Why a Professional Newborn Photographer is Worth the Investment - Birmingham, Alabama Newborn Photography

Why should you invest in a professional newborn photographer?

When you make the decision to hire a newborn photographer, you are investing in an experience that cannot be replicated. You cannot turn back time and recapture those adorable moments from the first few weeks of life. It is important and worth the investment to hire a professional that can allow you to relive these moments over and over again:

1. Experience. Newborn photographers have years of experience honing their craft. They participate in workshops. They are members of elite photography associations. They have the experience to capture every little angle and details that might have been missed. 

2. Timeless Photographs. Professional newborn photographers have the skill set to not only take an amazing photograph but process it properly to make it timeless. Many first-time parents buy professional-grade cameras before their child is born. That is great! But professional photographers know how to use their professional-grade camera to give you the very best photograph possible.


3. Enjoying the moment. Picture this: You have just had a baby. You have just come home from the hospital. If you are like I was, you have 500 baby items in your house and you do not even know what most of them do. Now, you are supposed to get the whole family picture-ready and take those pictures yourself. That sounds stressful! Why not let a professional capture those moments while you enjoy them with your new baby? I love seeing the look on Mom's face when her oldest child is holding his/her new sibling. I love capturing the quiet magical moments of Mom holding her sleeping baby. These are memories that you will treasure forever. Let a professional newborn photographer capture them while you enjoy living them. 

Joy in the Outtakes - Birmingham, Alabama Family and Child Photography

Some of my favorite pictures of Shep are the unplanned ones. The moments when he is climbing on his chair and I grab my camera. There is obviously something to be said about formal or posed pictures. But my favorites will always be the outtakes. 


Alley Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family Photography

When I got to her email about a session, I was excited to see that they had two new pets coming to their house and wanted some pictures with them! As an avid dog lover, I was sure that we were going to be shooting adorable children and their adorable puppies. It actually turned out even better and gave me a K. Olis Photography first when they arrived with two adorable children and two adorable rabbits! 

Coder Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family Photography

One of my favorite things about photographing children and families is that I get to see and document the milestones. I get to see a family when they just had their first child. I get to see that child grow up. I get to see a family have their second child. I get to see the tiny bond that these brothers are already developing. It is amazing and a total blessing. I cannot wait until I am chasing both of these cute little guys around! 

Russell Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family Photography

Catching up on blogging all of my Spring sessions has been so much fun! I love taking the time to look back on the world wind of sessions and really focus on the details of the shoots. This is the second time that I have met up with this super sweet family and the first time since they had their second little boy. I knew these few hours were going to be a blast when their oldest stepped out in suspenders and a seersucker suit! 

Jones Newborn Session - Birmingham, Alabama Newborn Photography

One of my favorite things about this business is being a witness to a child's development. I LOVE shooting sessions and coming back a few months later to see a new milestone. It is especially fun when that milestone is the birth of a little brother. I have been capturing Grady's lively and sweet personality since he was 6 months old. I could not wait to see him as a big brother and to meet the little man Jones. 

100 Years of Feltman - Birmingham, Alabama Newborn Photography

1916 was an important year. The Cubs played their first game at Weegham Park (Wrigley Field). The PGA was founded. The Boy Scouts of America was formed. World War I was in its third and most decisive year. The current Coca-Cola formula was introduced to the market. And a family owned factory started making heirloom children's gowns. 

In the 12 weeks since he was born, I have taken over 3,000 pictures. He has not grinned in a single picture until I put him in his Feltman Brothers bubble. Like I said, 1916 was an important year. :)

Magnolias Gift Shop - A Birmingham, Alabama Commercial Session

For 23 years, Magnolias Gift Shop has been offering amazing gifts and friendly service in Sylacauga, Alabama. In June of last year, they decided to expand and opened an additional store in Pell City. Needless to say, I was thrilled when the store manager (and personal friend) asked me to take some commercial shots of the new storefront!