Blackman Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

This sweet girl's holiday session coincided with her first birthday week! I was so glad it did because it meant that I got to also shoot her 1st birthday outfit! Does not matter what she is wearing, this girl is always cute!


The Green Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

What better way to honor all of the golfers in his family than to shoot his 1st birthday session on a golf course. Unfortunately, he did not share our enthusiasm when we popped on his custom birthday hat. However... we will be forever grateful to the greens keeper who just happened to drive by at that exact moment and stopped to make him laugh. 

Masters Golf Birthday Party - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

I have been planning and pinteresting (not a word, I know) his 1st birthday party since I found out he was a boy. It was always going to be a golf theme but by making it all about the Masters, I could incorporate our love for all things southern. Green ribbons were tied, yellow balloons were blown up, and a green in the shape of #18 at Augusta National (ish) was piped onto a homemade cake. He hated his cake, like his cookies, and LOVED his new wagon.