Durham Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

While I appreciate the posed shots, I love the raw emotion that comes with a lifestyle session. And when it comes to unscripted giggles, this session delivered in full. I LOVED meeting this sweet family. 


Krogsgard Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

I had a packed week. They had one day they could meet. We had 1 hour before the sun went down. What could have been a stressful session turned into so much fun. With giggles and running around, this sunset park shoot was amazing!


Blackman Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

This sweet girl's holiday session coincided with her first birthday week! I was so glad it did because it meant that I got to also shoot her 1st birthday outfit! Does not matter what she is wearing, this girl is always cute!


The Green Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

What better way to honor all of the golfers in his family than to shoot his 1st birthday session on a golf course. Unfortunately, he did not share our enthusiasm when we popped on his custom birthday hat. However... we will be forever grateful to the greens keeper who just happened to drive by at that exact moment and stopped to make him laugh. 

4th of July Session - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

I know it is the 7th of July but I am still reliving the magic of the 4th. There is something about bbqs, fireworks, and the heat of Summer that takes me back to being a child. It is one of my favorite holidays and now I get to share it with my own child. I had a particular shot that I wanted to get of Shep with these American flag glasses. After two packs of puffs, his favorite toys, and bribing my husband to help, we (sort of) got the shot. The outtakes were hilarious so I thought I would share them here. 

Why a Professional Newborn Photographer is Worth the Investment - Birmingham, Alabama Newborn Photography

Why should you invest in a professional newborn photographer?

When you make the decision to hire a newborn photographer, you are investing in an experience that cannot be replicated. You cannot turn back time and recapture those adorable moments from the first few weeks of life. It is important and worth the investment to hire a professional that can allow you to relive these moments over and over again:

1. Experience. Newborn photographers have years of experience honing their craft. They participate in workshops. They are members of elite photography associations. They have the experience to capture every little angle and details that might have been missed. 

2. Timeless Photographs. Professional newborn photographers have the skill set to not only take an amazing photograph but process it properly to make it timeless. Many first-time parents buy professional-grade cameras before their child is born. That is great! But professional photographers know how to use their professional-grade camera to give you the very best photograph possible.


3. Enjoying the moment. Picture this: You have just had a baby. You have just come home from the hospital. If you are like I was, you have 500 baby items in your house and you do not even know what most of them do. Now, you are supposed to get the whole family picture-ready and take those pictures yourself. That sounds stressful! Why not let a professional capture those moments while you enjoy them with your new baby? I love seeing the look on Mom's face when her oldest child is holding his/her new sibling. I love capturing the quiet magical moments of Mom holding her sleeping baby. These are memories that you will treasure forever. Let a professional newborn photographer capture them while you enjoy living them.