Durham Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

While I appreciate the posed shots, I love the raw emotion that comes with a lifestyle session. And when it comes to unscripted giggles, this session delivered in full. I LOVED meeting this sweet family. 


Blackman Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family & Child Photography

This sweet girl's holiday session coincided with her first birthday week! I was so glad it did because it meant that I got to also shoot her 1st birthday outfit! Does not matter what she is wearing, this girl is always cute!


The Green's - Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photography

Caitlin and Andrew's love for each other was so easy to capture. As she walked down the aisle, as they took their portraits, as they cut the cake and listened to toasts.. I kept repeating to myself..."look at how he looks at her." Their wedding was a dream and I wish them both all the happiness in the world. #goodtobegreen


Joy in the Outtakes - Birmingham, Alabama Family and Child Photography

Some of my favorite pictures of Shep are the unplanned ones. The moments when he is climbing on his chair and I grab my camera. There is obviously something to be said about formal or posed pictures. But my favorites will always be the outtakes. 


Coder Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family Photography

One of my favorite things about photographing children and families is that I get to see and document the milestones. I get to see a family when they just had their first child. I get to see that child grow up. I get to see a family have their second child. I get to see the tiny bond that these brothers are already developing. It is amazing and a total blessing. I cannot wait until I am chasing both of these cute little guys around! 

Russell Family - Birmingham, Alabama Family Photography

Catching up on blogging all of my Spring sessions has been so much fun! I love taking the time to look back on the world wind of sessions and really focus on the details of the shoots. This is the second time that I have met up with this super sweet family and the first time since they had their second little boy. I knew these few hours were going to be a blast when their oldest stepped out in suspenders and a seersucker suit!