Behind the Lens - Dress for Christmas Session Success

There is a common question among all of my clients. My portrait clients ask it. My blog clients ask it. My family session clients definitely ask it.          What do I need to wear?? While some of this depends on the client's style, there are a few tips to keep in mind before your next shoot. Since we are in the heart of the holiday season (how is it already November??), lets tackle the art of dressing for your Christmas card. 

1. Plan ahead! 

       When you book a session, start to think about your clothing choices right away. If you wait until the last minute, you risk clothes not fitting or            not being clean.  

2. Coordinate but do not match your colors. 

       Wearing the same thing sounds good in theory. However, this can make a card/picture come out bland and forced. Try starting with neutrals          and adding a small pop of color to a few members of the family. Around the holiday season, reds and greens add fun and festive pops of                color!

3. Know your individual/family's style.

       Look in your closet. Look around your house. Are you drawn to neutrals? Do you love bright colors? If these images will be displayed in your          home, you want them to compliment your existing decor and reflect your style.

4. Do not be afraid of accessories.

       Wearing a scarf, tie, necklace, or hat literally adds another layer to your session. Not only do they look good, but they are fun to play with                during a session.

5. Be careful with patterns, prints, and characters. 

       Limited patterns can really add something special to a photo. However, too many patterns can distract from the final image. The same can be          said of prints. I suggest avoiding all character shirts and dresses. While your daughter may love Elsa (because who doesn't right now), her              face on a shirt is very distracting from the overall feel of the shoot. 

6. Avoid solid white and solid black. 

      It is easy to lose detail and quality of an image when someone is wearing solid black and white. If you are used to strong solids, try navy as an         alternative to black and light pink/light grey as an alternative to white. 

I hope these tips help you make your Christmas cards Merry and Bright!